Christopher tm Herdt (cherdt) wrote in ungodlikediet,
Christopher tm Herdt


I've been craving tamales lately, so I did what I had to do: I made them myself.

I had to buy some items I've never used before (masa harina and corn husks), and I got pretty frustrated because I was pretty sure I was doing a crummy job of wrapping each one. But in the end--probably six hours after I started--they came out just fine. Better than fine, really. And because I decided to make a double-batch, I now have a freezer full of them that I can heat up whenever I want.

This is probably as much of a triumph for me as the time I made falafel (well, the 2nd time I made falafel--the 1st time was hardly a triumph) or gumbo.

I think moussaka is my recipe Everest, though. It's just plain intimidating to me. What's your recipe Everest?
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