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if a celery stalk could talk [entries|friends|calendar]

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Sour stomach [30 Jul 2013|07:22am]


Had a dream about eating raspberry and summer squash fro-yo. Absolutely disgusting.

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Simple Instructions on How To Eat Food [27 Jan 2012|02:48pm]

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Curried Cottage Pie [23 Jan 2012|04:00pm]

I like curried potatoes.
I like mashed potatoes.

Why not curried mashed potatoes? Delicious!

Hmm, too many leftovers. What to do?

Curried cottage pie? Also delicious!

Just letting you know.
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Easy Cheese [04 Jan 2012|12:56pm]

I ate an entire canister of Easy Cheese over a period of 4 days. And 2 boxes of crackers.

I didn't buy it, mind you. It was a gag gift. But I couldn't not eat it, right? That would be wasteful....
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should've halved the sammy. [03 Jan 2012|02:23pm]

[ mood | full ]

garlic, onion, and spinach sauteed in olive oil, scrambled with eggs, folded around swiss, and served between two toasted slices of grandpa's homemade wheat slathered in ranch.


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[22 Aug 2011|06:58am]

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Tamales! [07 Oct 2009|03:26pm]

I've been craving tamales lately, so I did what I had to do: I made them myself.

I had to buy some items I've never used before (masa harina and corn husks), and I got pretty frustrated because I was pretty sure I was doing a crummy job of wrapping each one. But in the end--probably six hours after I started--they came out just fine. Better than fine, really. And because I decided to make a double-batch, I now have a freezer full of them that I can heat up whenever I want.

This is probably as much of a triumph for me as the time I made falafel (well, the 2nd time I made falafel--the 1st time was hardly a triumph) or gumbo.

I think moussaka is my recipe Everest, though. It's just plain intimidating to me. What's your recipe Everest?
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Texas State fair [26 Sep 2008|08:44pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

Our state fair started this week. We pride ourselves on fried food but...

Holy shit. Deep fried cake.


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meals, what? [09 Sep 2008|12:49pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I usually skip breakfast, and I often forget to eat dinner. What the hell is up with that?

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wtf???? [31 Aug 2008|07:55pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

how can it be that the wendy's chicken blt salad, which used to come standard with grilled chicken, costs $2.50 MORE to order it that way now that they've made fried chicken the standard? that makes it a $7.50 salad... from a drive-thru.

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cue the apocalypse [13 Aug 2008|08:59pm]

taco bell was out of crunchy tacos today
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Cone Cakes, Motherfuckers! [08 Aug 2008|09:34pm]

[ mood | you heard me ]


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attempts at restraint [18 Jul 2008|12:15am]

i'm notoriously horrible at restraining myself when eating, so i've found that the most helpful thing is to keep a food journal. up until now, they've always been on paper - and i always stop keeping them b/c it's a pain in the ass. but now i'm using a site called "the daily plate" and it's really easy - almost everything you eat is already in the database, or you can add it very easily.
i've been pretty successful at recording my consumption for the last three weeks, even though there are days when it's kind of embarassing. if there's anyone who wants to give it a try, you can add me as a friend and we can laugh at the ridiculosity of our food journals.

p.s. it is even easier if you have an iphone ; )
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hot pockets [08 Jul 2008|03:34pm]

[ mood | pained ]

i have to admit that sometimes i really do enjoy hot pockets... but they are a bitch when you eat them. i have been enjoying the spinach artichoke chicken lean pockets lately... but have burned my mouth when getting to the center every single time. i guess this is the price you pay for eating pocketed foods.

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uuuuugh.... [26 Jun 2008|06:16pm]

[ mood | full ]

Take some prepared instant mashed potatoes and glop them on a plate.

Grate cheddar cheese on them to your heart's content.

Heat a can of chili, and pout over the potatoes and cheese. Add more cheese.

Top the whole thing with Jalapeno salsa.

I feel like I just ate a cinder block.....ooooooooohhhhhh.

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dessert shooters [23 Jun 2008|04:32pm]

so applebee's has these $1.99 dessert shooters - just the right amount of dessert in yummy combos. i had the strawberry cheesecake one today and the sauce was so sweet that it left an icky feeling in my tummy... but i've had other flavors and they're a pretty good deal as far as restaurant desserts go. anyone else tried them?
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seriously [18 Jun 2008|06:17pm]

is it possible to eat a snickers bar and NOT end up with at least one piece of chocolate either on your pants or underneath a leg?

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crackers for breakfast [21 May 2008|11:11am]

yes! i did!

in other news, or perhaps in news of what-might-have-been, i noticed that a community named food_ish made lj spotlight this week. it was born september 2006, exactly three years after i created ungodlikediet. ok, i admit it, i'm jealous - what if i'd promoted more, posted more, commented more? my community could be huge and strange, as well. in posting about this, i feel i may have more defectors - being a member of a larger community means more bizarre posts. hopefully, some of you will continue to stick around and occasionally post up whatever weirdness you are currently indulging in. as erratic as this community is, there are some fantastic posts that make it totally worthwhile to me.

all the ungodlike dieters in the house, can i get a what what?

(what what)
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cereal nouveau [12 Apr 2008|09:48am]

[ mood | weird ]

when i fed the cats this morning, their food actually smelled pretty good.

no, i didn't try a bite.

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MOEM - Make Once, Eat Many [08 Mar 2008|10:29am]

I feel like I'm incredibly busy lately. Between work and school, I find myself increasingly drawn to the cheap convenience of Taco Bell, or Tastykakes from a vending machine. That's not food, though—it's just fuel.

The only way I can avoid consuming fuel-not-food is by making a lot of one delicious dish, something that keeps and reheats well. In other words, a MOEM meal: Make Once, Eat Many. Some of my favorites are chili and lasagna, and items in those general categories: hearty soups/stews and casseroles.

I feel like I'm running out of good ideas. I don't want to eat chili and lasagna every week. What are some of your favorite Make Once, Eat Many meals?
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